On this page I would like to thank the people who contributed their help in making my collection for what it is today. (In no particular order!)

Name Description
MaaikeFor selling the Game & Watch game Snoopy cheap!
Ine EmmelotFor a boxed Atari 2600 jr "long rainbow" and the games:River Raid, Centipede and Asterix.
Stefan en EmielFor a Sega Dreamcast + 2 controllers and the games:SoulCalibur!, Metropolis Street Racer, Crazy Taxi, Deadly Skies, Hidden&Dangerous, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider.
Bas DorlandFor the DOL-017 Gamecube Game Boy player adapter + silver GameCube.
Diana DuringFor the Game&Watch game Zelda.
Erik VerhoefFor giving me a NES + Zapper with 3 games(Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, Zelda II and Dragon's Lair)
Wiljag DenekampFor giving me 5 great SNES games(Zombies, Mortal Kombat II, The Magical Quest (starring Mickey Mouse), The Lawnmower Man and Batman Returns)
Raymond RoelandsFor giving me some exclusive retail dvd's for the PS2
Pascal GreuterFor giving me another great Game&Watch LCD-game : Popeye
Maarten FollenderFor a Atari 2600 jr. + 3 games (Asteroids, Pole Position, Kangaroo)
Sega Master System II with 4 games
NES with 3 games
Michel ShuqairCDI player 210 (HiFi model)
AndréFor a Nintendo Scope(boxed) + 3 SNES games + game adaptor
Henri RoosjenFor selling his NES with 13 games cheap!
Alex PouweFor an atari 2600 (4-switch) with 4 games and 2 joysticks
Rene MeevisFor a complete Amiga 500 + monitor and an Atari jr with 6 games
Remco HagemanApple LaserWriter (17ppm at 600dpi) + PowerPC 6100/66 + laptop
Yvonne en RemcoFor a complete ColecoVision with steering wheel and 7 games!
Timo Pronk (again!)For a complete Atari 1040ST with monitor
Pascal GreuterFor giving me the first Game&Watch LCD-game : Donkey Kong
Grandi-JoostSega Megadrive(complete with box and manuals) + 3 games
Aschwin van OschDoom (Sega Saturn)
Mark SterkResponsible for all kinds of technical advise and for many hardware-modifications
Also donated a Philips Videopac with many games
Ton van OschInterton Electronic VC 4000
Eef jr.3 Intellivision games(Beauty & the Beast, Golf and Spacebattle) and 1 2600 game(StarTrek)
Mark BruinsMSX (HX-10) and for the MSX Carts : Athletic land & Ping Pong (and several other original games on cassette)
Huib van NieuwehuijzeVideoPac + 4 games (and also the lcd-game cracksman)
Michael SperberApple IIe, Philips P2000, MSX VGS-8020, Epson PX-8, Epson HX-20 and ZX-spectrum
Timo PronkPhilips Videopac
Another DAtari 2600 jr.
Michel ShuqairPac Man (2600)
Bas van de SandeAtari 800XL + modification
Willem FrederiksThanks for selling the Amiga 500 cheap!
Remco HagemanSeveral Apple Macintoshes
My DadAtari Jaguar
Benny DrevesVideomaster Sportsworld
Minke de KruyffThanks for selling the Sega Saturn cheap!
Raymond StienstraCommodore 64
Edward SmitFor donating more than 60 issues of the magazine 'PC Format', including disks and cd's (from 1991 upto 1996)
Also donated 2 original pc-games
JanPhilips NMS-8250
Michiel van RooijThanks for selling the Amiga 1200 cheap!

You also want to be on this page? No big deal, just give me something I can use :-)

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