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model box manual note
2600 (Atari) N N 4-switch model (no wood-look) + 2 joysticks + adaptor
2600 (Atari) Y Y 6-switch wood-model, 2 Joyst., 2 paddles, no adaptor
2600 (Atari) N N 4-switch wood-model, 2 paddles, no adaptor
2600 jr. (Atari) Y Y incl. 32-1 gamecartridge
32x (Sega) Y Y A complete 32x boxed
3DO FZ1 (Panasonic) N Y USA Model FZ-1
7800 (Atari) N N Features Asteroids as a built-in game
800 XL (Atari) N N Extension port for connecting to PC
9205 (Various) N N Bendable version
Action Set (Unknown) Y Y A Super Nintendo look-a-like with 500 NES games built-in. Plays both US & EUR carts!
Amiga 1200 (Commodore) Y N  
Amiga 500 (Commodore) N N 1Mb memory
Amiga 500 (Commodore) Y N 2Mb memory - 1084S monitor + 100MB SCSI HD
Amiga CD32 (Commodore) N N The console version of the Amiga 1200
C64 (Commodore) Y Y old model
CDI 210 (Philips) N N hifi-model - includes Digital Video Cartridge
CDi 450 (Philips) Y Y Complete, but with different, but original, controller then package claims
Colecovision (CBS) N N With Steering Wheel, Roller Controller, Expansion Module No.1
Donkey Kong (Nintendo) N N Multi-Screen
Donkey Kong (Nintendo) N N Multi Screen
Donkey Kong II (Nintendo) N N Multi-Screen
Donkey Kong JR. (Nintendo) N N Panorama Screen. Thanks dad!
Dreamcast (Sega) Y Y VM + Rumble + 2 controllers + 25 game-copies (for bootdisc)
Dreamcast (Sega) N N gift from Stefan en Emiel (incl. 7 games + 2 controllers)
Game Gear (Sega) N Y including adaptor to play master-system games
Game Gear (Sega) N N As a replacement for the other one
GameBoy (Nintendo) N N Transparent version
Gameboy Advance (Nintendo) Y Y Purple
GameBoy Advance SP (Nintendo) Y Y NES-look + 9 GameBoy Color games and 3 GBA games
GameBoy Color transparent (Nintendo) N N  
GameBoy Micro (Nintendo) N N silver
GameCube (Nintendo) Y Y Purple - Mario Sunshine edition - cash back winner
GameCube (Nintendo) Y N Black
GameCube (Nintendo) N N Silver
GoldCliff (Nintendo) Y Y Multi Screen
HB-501P (Sony) N N Build-in tapedrive - verkocht in 2020 - zeldzaam ding
HX-10 (Toshiba) N N  
Intellivision (Mattel) N Y  
Jaguar (Atari) Y Y  
Lifeboat (Nintendo) N N Multi-Screen
Lynx (Atari) N N Old model - small burst in screen
Lynx II (Atari) N N New model
Macintosh 512 (Apple) N N  
Macintosh plus (Apple) N N  
Macintosh SE (Apple) N N  
Macintosh SE/30 (Apple) N N  
Mario Bros. (Nintendo) N N Multi-Screen
Master System II - PAL (Sega) N N Model 3006-20 (Built-in-game : Alex Kidd)
Master System II - PAL (Sega) N N Model 3006-18A (Built-in-game : Sonic)
Master System/Power Base (Sega) N N First model. Includes support for cards.
Mega CD II (Sega) Y N A boxed Mega CD II
Mega Drive (Sega) Y Y  
Mega Drive (Sega) N N Build-in PAL/NTSC switch
Mega Drive II (Sega) Y Y A boxed Mega Drive II
Mega Joy II (Unknown) N Y Cool NES clone featuring 60 games all integrated in a Nintendo 64 look-a-like controller
Model 1292 (Audio Sonic) N N  
Monarch Sensor-10 (Various) N N Some pong-clone. Uses Sensormatic technology for game select.
Multi-Mega (Sega) Y Y Complete - as new - PAL portable mega-drive/mega-cd console (named CDX in USA)
N64 (Nintendo) Y Y 2 controllers + rumblepack
Neo Geo (SNK) Y Y AES Cartridge-version + 2 controllers
Neo Geo Pocket (SNK) Y Y Brand new Platinum Silver model. Never Used!
Neo Geo Pocket Color (SNK) N N Stone Blue model
NES (Nintendo) Y Y  
NES Classic Mini (Nintendo) Y Y CFW Hakchi
new Nintendo 3DS xl (Nintendo) Y Y Metallic Black
Nintendo 64 (Nintendo) Y Y Standard Black model (+ memory expansion)
Nintendo 64 clear blue (Nintendo) N N A N64 in semi-transparent colour
Nintendo DS (Nintendo) Y Y First generation with Metroid + 5 spellen
Nintendo DS Lite (Nintendo) Y Y DS Lite (Red) with 6 games
NMS-8245 (Philips) N N  
NMS-8250 (Philips) N N system with seperate keyboard, more like a pc
Nomad (Sega) N N Genesis(ntsc) handheld + 14 games. Can also play many pal games.
PCH-2004 (Sony) Y Y WIFI model + 2 games (Sly Trilogy + The Lego Movie)
Playstation (Sony) Y Y GunGon
Playstation (Sony) N N Modded psx. Had to repair it first.
Playstation 2 (v4) (Sony) Y Y
Playstation 2 Silver (Sony) N N SCPH-50004 with 2 silver controllers
Playstation Slim (Sony) Y Y 1TB + 2 Dual Shock 4 controllers
Playstation Slim 120GB (Sony) N N Pandjeshuis nijmegen + 2 sixaxis controllers + Gran Turimo 5 + Call of Duty Black ops
Popeye (Nintendo) N N Panorama Screen!!
PP-800 (Audio Sonic) N N  
PP-940 (Audio Sonic) N N Comes with gun
PS one (Sony) N N mini version of the psx
PS2 (Sony) N N bought for 25 sold for 45
PSP value edition (Sony) Y Y game with 1 game free of choice (wipeout pure)
PXP3 Slim station (Unknown) Y Y Nice china handheld console with 120 build-in MegaDrive games
RainShower (Nintendo) N N Multi-Screen
Saturn (Sega) Y Y including the video cartridge to play Video-CD's
SNES (Nintendo) Y Y Wildcard DX copy-box (32MBit) + Bazooka + PAL/NTSC-Switch
SNES (Nintendo) N N with 2 controllers and several games
SNES Classic Mini (Nintendo) Y Y CFW Hakchi
Snoopy SM-91 (Nintendo) N N Panorama Screen
Snoopy SP-30 (Nintendo) N N Overgenomen van Stefan
Standard Cabinet (Various) N N A 2 player cabinet with several games (switch)
SuperLectron (Pong Look-a-Likes) N N  
Switch 2019 (Nintendo) Y Y Revision contains Tegra X1+ videochip using less power, so improved battery life
Tandy (Tandy) N N  
Tandy TV ScoreBoard (Tandy) Y Y GUN included
TeleSports III (Audio Sonic) Y N No original adaptor
TV Computer Game (Unknown) Y N  
V.Smile (VTech) N N Volgens mij gekocht in de tijd van Wehkamp klus
v.Smile Pocket (VTech) N N  
VC 4000 (Interton Electronic) N N  
Vectrex (MB) Y N  
VG-8020 (Philips) N N  
VideoMaster Sportsworld (Pong Look-a-Likes) Y N  
VideoPac G7000 (Philips) N N  
VideoPac G7000 (Philips) N N Works great G7000/21 with seperate adapter
VideoPac G7000 (Philips) N Y Works great
Videopac G7400 (Philips) N N reset-button is broken; also contains special cartridge for runnning e-proms
Videopac G7400 (Philips) N N Powerswitch isn't functional
WII (Nintendo) Y Y  
Wii Mini (Nintendo) Y N Complete with an extra WiiMote(plus) and Nunchuk + 4 games
Wii U Premium (Nintendo) Y Y Mario Kart 8 preinstalled + 2 original wii-mote plus + 7 games
XBOX (Microsoft) Y Y Flashed bios for more capability (incl. 180GB harddisk)
XBOX 360 Elite (Microsoft) N N With 24 games and 1 controller!
XE GameSystem (Atari) Y Y XEGS brand new - rare
Zelda (Nintendo) N N  

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