This page shows a list of items I recently added to the collection.

Date Description
2004 - 2013 ;-) WII, NDS, PS3, V.Smile, etc. etc.
04-09-2004 XBOX limited edition pack with 2 games(new)
13-08-2004 NES console + Zapper and 3 games
10-08-2004 3 SNES games
24-09-2003 Nintendo Game&Watch : Popeye
02-09-2003 Brand new NeoGeo Pocket system.
30-04-2003 NES games: Dr Mario, Yoshi's Cookie, Kirby's Adventure, Donkey Kong Classics, Ducktales 2, Operation Wolf, Stealth ATF
08-04-2003 Master System games:Thunder Blade, Shinobi, Double Dragon, Marksman Shooting, Black Belt, Arcade Smash Hits, California Games, Rambo III, Slap Shot, Kenseiden, Chase HQ, The Ninja, Wimbledon, After Burner, Ninja Gaiden, The Newzealand Story
PSX games:Tombraider 2, Infestation
07-03-2003 Resident Evil for GameCube
Neo Geo Cup'98 plus for NGPC
19-01-2003 Master System II with 4 games : Batman Return, Castle of Illusion, Master of Darkness, James Pond 2
NES with 3 games : PowerBlade, Turtles II, Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
15-01-2003 Sega Multi Mega complete in box with the bundled games: Ecco the Dolphin(CD), Road Avenger(CD) and Sonic 2
04-01-2003 Videopac+ 7400 with 2 games : Flipper and Jumping Acrobats
Tandy TV scoreboard pong-clone. Includes a gun.
21-11-2002 Nintendo GameCube with 2 games : Mario Sunshine, Super Monkey Ball
17-11-2002 Sega MegaDrive + Mega CD with 7 games: Dragon Fury, Double Clutch, SpeedBall 2, Golden Axe II, PGA Tour 96, Grandslam, CrueBall
10 CDI cd's (educational, games, promotional)
Game&Watch: GoldCliff
09-08-2002 Sega Nomad with 14 games : Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Ecco, Comic Zone, ...
08-08-2002 A brand new Sega Mega Jet with the game Dragon BallZ
28-07-2002 Atari 2600jr. with 14 boxed games + Game Mate 2 (wireless joysticks)
14-07-2002 Dreamcast games : Shenmue II, Jet Set Radio, MSR, PenPen, Space Channel 5, Virtua Tennis, Wetrix+
Bomberman for GBA
Batman + Sonic 2 for GameGear
19-05-2002 Philips G7000 with over 30 games!
14-05-2002 CDI 210 HiFi system with 4 cd's (mostly promotional)
30-04-2002 Philips G7400 with special copy-cartridge!
20-04-2002 N64 games: Star Wars Racer, Roadsters
PSX games: Gungage, Nanotek Warriors
PS2 game: Metal Gear Solid 2
Nes games: Probotector, Power Blade, Faxanadu, Mission Impossible, Double Strike
GameBoy: Castlevania
30-03-2002 Playstation 2 with 5 games : Gran Turismo, Jak and Daxter, Donald Duck, Dynasty Warriors 2, The Bouncer
10-03-2002 N64 games: MarioParty, Castlevania, PilotWings 64
24-02-2002 CDI 450 with Interactive Encyclopedia
Master System II with 3 games : Land of Illusion, Wanted, Shinobi
Colecovision with 5 games : Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Donkey Kong Junior, BurgerTime, Gateway to Apshai
2 Videopac games: 6(bowling+basketball), 28 (Electronic Volleybal)
2 Videopac+ games: 2 x 1-Race
3 MegaDrive games: Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III , Centurion.
16-02-2002 Double Dragon for the Master System
07-02-2002 Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64
25-01-2002 7 Arcade cabinets with 14 pcb's with games like : Donkey Kong, Arkanoid, Raiden, Shinobi and Lady bug
12-01-2002 Sega megadrive II, Sega Megadrive II, Sega 32X all in box. With several games.
04-01-2002 8 CD32 games : Oscar&Diggers, Whale's Voyage, D-Generation, Dangerous Streets, Sleepwalker, Pinpall Fantasies, Morph, MicroCosm, Amiga CD32 Magazine, CD32 Gamer 3, Amiga Format disc 24,25,26
02-01-2002 A Nintendo Scope + 3 SNES games(Nintendo Scope 6, Super Ghouls 'n Ghost, Mario All Stars) + an universal game adaptor
18-12-2001 12 playstation games (Tekken 3, Vigliante 8, Resident Evil, Driver, Crash Bandicoot 1 + 2, Dodgem Arena, Porsche Challenge, Croc, Uefa champions League 98-99, Viewpoint, Tombraider 2)
15-12-2001 4 atari 2600 games (Asterix, Plaque Attack, SeaQuest, Jr. Pacman)
25-11-2001 An Atari XE GameSystem (XEGS) brand new with keyboard, gun, etc.
29-10-2001 A Sega Multi-Mega with several games!
08-10-2001 2 japanese megadrive games (Leynos and Robo-Kid)
2 atari 2600 games (Missile Command and Popeye)
28-06-2001 GameBoy Advance with 3 games (Mario Advance, Kuru Kururin, Krazy Racers)
30-04-2001 Intellivision with 4 games (AstroSmash, Lock 'n' Chase, Sea Battle, Space Battle)
For the Colecovision : Q*Bert, River Raid, Zaxxon and Turbo
For the NES : Wrestle Mania, Blue Shadow, To The Earth and Shadow Warriors
For the 800xl : Star Raiders
25-04-2001 Complete NES with 13 games (Adventure Island part II, Dynablaster, Faxanadu, Hook, Mario Bros/Duck, Sadowgate, Smash TV, Solstice, Swords and Serpents, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II, The Adventure of Link (Zelda II), The Goonies II, The Legend of Zelda)
24-03-2001 Complete Colecovision with 19 games (jumpman junior, smurf, super cobra, etc.)
and the accesoires : Roller Controller (for use with the game slither) and the Expansion Module No.1
and 12 atari 2600 games
04-03-2001 Sega Dreamcast with 25 games
18-02-2001 15 NES games(9 where brand new!)(Mario Bros 2, Mario bros 3, Top Gun, etc.)
+ V-Rally 99 edition for the N64
21-01-2001 Sega MegaDrive with 16 games(EarthWorm Jim, Mickey Mania, Psycho Pinball, etc.)
Atari 2600 with the games :Tennis, River Raid, FreeWay, Space Invaders.
16-01-2001 Sega MegaDrive with 30 games + Menacer (includes Virtua Racing and the menacer gamecartridge).
09-11-2000 Amiga 500 + 1081 monitor
Atari 2600 jr with the games :Super Football, Circus Atari, Double Dunk, Basketball, Dodge'em, 32-1 game.
25-09-2000 Panasonic REAL 3DO with 10 games and 6 cdr's
22-07-2000 Intellivision with 40 games!
20-07-2000 Neo Geo Pocket with the games:Metal Slug, Pac-Man, Mystery Bonus.
30-06-2000 ColecoVision with the games:Cosmic Avenger, Lady Bug, Looping, Mouse Trap, Space Fury, Turbo, Venture. (includes a steering wheel)
12-06-2000 Atari 2600:Dig Dug, Jungle Hunt, Space Invaders
GameBoy:Bionic Commando
Master System:James Pond 2 (RoboCod)
11-06-2000 Intellivision games:Astro Smash, BackGammon, Hockey, Lock 'n' Chase, Pitfall!, Soccer, Space Armada, Space Battle, Space Hawk, Triple Action, Tropical Trouble
Colecovision:Donkey Kong
04-06-2000 Ms. Pacman for the Atari 7800
01-06-2000 Last Battle for the MegaDrive
Lady Bug, Donkey Kong jr, Mouse Trap, Looping for the ColecoVision
Desert Falcon, Ms. Pac-Man, Pole Position, E.T. for the Atari 2600
31-05-2000 Atari 1040ST
31-05-2000 Mega Drive with the games:
Fifa 95, Fire Shark, Asterix, Pitfall, Sonic Compilation, Newmanhaas IndyCar, Desert Strike
30-05-2000 Audio Sonic PP-800 (pong-clone)
22-05-2000 Duke Nukem 64 for the Nintendo 64
13-05-2000 Zelda for the Nintendo 64
29-04-2000 Atari 7800 + 2 games for the Atari 2600 : Pooyan & Demon Attack
18-04-2000 Nintendo Game&Watch : Donkey Kong
10-03-2000 Sega MegaDrive with the games
Jungle Strike, Dune II, Shining in the Darkness
26-02-2000 Doom for the Saturn
04-02-2000 VideoPac G7000 with the games:
4 Air-Sea War, 8 Baseball, 29 Dam Buster, 33 Jumping Acrobats
17-01-2000 SNES : Super Mario World, Chuck Rock, Jungle Strike, StarWing, Super James Pond, Zelda, Choplifter III, Sim City, Illusion of Time, The Chaos Engine
A Nintendo GameBoy with Asterix, Gradius and Navy Seals
14-01-2000 More games :-)
Sega 16 : Alisia Dragoon, Vectorman, Strider
SNES : Art of Fighting, Flash Back, SkyBlazer
Nintendo 8 : Snake's Revenge, Life Force - Salamander
Sega 32X : Stellar Assault, Virtua Racing deluxe, Star Wars, Metal Head
Sega 8 : Strider, Golden Axe, Fantasy Zone, Phantasy Star, Out Run, Pacmania, Strider
08-01-2000 A lot of games :-)
Sega 16 : Mick & Mack Global Gladiators, Monster Lair - Wonder Boy III, Samurai Showdown, Risky Woods, Ball Jacks, Gunstar Heroes
SNES : Super Metroid, Demon's Crest, Cybernator, Pilot Wings, Axelay, Battle Toads - Double Dragon
Mega-cd : After Burner III, Batman Returns, Robo Aleste
GameGear : Devilish
Saturn : Clockwork Knight, Darius Gaiden, Daytona USA, Tunnel B1, Panzer Dragoon, Virtua Fighter KIDS, Virtua Racing, Shinobi X, Three Dirty Dwarves, Virtua Fighter, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3D Flickies' Island
22-12-1999 Nintendo 64 with the games:
Banjo-Kazooie, Cruis'n World, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye 007, MarioKart 64, Snowboard Kids, Superstar Soccer 64, Yoshi's Story
30-11-1999 Amiga CD32
20-11-1999 Mega Joy II - Nintendo 8 bit clone

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