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My Models: [Jaguar]
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Manufacturer Atari
Main-Processor(s) Tom & Jerry
Speed 26.6 MHz
Memory 2048K
Co-processor(s) 68000 at 13.3 Mhz
Colors 24 bit (16.8 M)
Graphics upto 800x576
Sound 16 bit stereo
Media Cartridge (upto 6 megabytes)
Year 1993
My games 7
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The Jaguar was the world's first 64 bit gameconsole according to Atari. Although it had far more power than all 16 bit consoles at that time, it never became a succes. Atari died shortly after.

The Jaguar has a great design and a cool boot-sequence (something that all later gameconsoles had). With games like Tempest and Rayman it's still fun playing.

Atari also released a cd-unit for the Jaguar, the Jaguar-CD.

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Some say the Jaguar should be considered a 32-bit system, as that is the maximum register size in the programmable processors (the 68000, the graphics processor, and the DMA sound processor). Others say the Jaguar can be considered a 64-bit system, because 64-bit components are used, and the GPU can access 64 bits of data if required.

The Jaguar has five processors which are contained in three chips. Two of the chips are proprietary designs, nicknamed "Tom" and "Jerry". The third chip is a standard Motorola 68000, and used as a coprocessor. Tom and Jerry are built using an 0.5 micron silicon process. With proper programming, all five processors can run in parallel.

In fact you can consider the 68000 being the main processor and Tom & Jerry being the graphic- and sound-processor respectively.

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Kasumi Ninja Rayman Tempest 2000

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