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My Models: [Vectrex]
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Manufacturer Milton Bradley (MB)
Main-Processor(s) 68A09 (Motorola)
Speed 1.5MHz
Memory 1KB
Co-processor(s) -
Colors B&W
Graphics Vectors!
Sound General Instruments AY-3-8192
Media Cartridge (4K upto 16K)
Year 1982
My games 8
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The Vectrex came with a built-in 9 x 11 inch Black & White screen and had a built-in Asteroids clone called Minestorm. The unique thing about this machine is that it uses vector "line" graphics (as opposed to raster "pixel" graphics). This is the same type of screen used in the early arcade classics like Space Wars, Asteroids, Battlezone and Tempest.

To add some kind of color to the games, the vectrex uses plastic overlays that slide over the screen. Besides the color-illusion the plastic overlays also cut down on flicker.

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There aren't really any famous Vectrex games, probably because the system never got to be too popular. But there were some pretty good games, including the Scramble port, Web Wars, Fortress of Narzod, Polar Rescue and Cosmic Chasm. The latter was one of the first home games to be ported to the arcade (usually, it's vice-versa).

The version of Minestorm that shipped with the Vectrex actually had a major bug in that if you got to level 13, the game would crash. If you complained to the company, you would be sent a bug-free version of the game (Minestorm/II) free of charge. Few people did this, apparently, since Minestorm/II is rarely seen today.

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